Pros and Cons Of Co – Book Blogging

To be a single book blogger or to co – book blog….

It´s that one question that occupies a book blogger´s mind at least once in their book blogging career, no matter if they´re a single book blogger or not.

Should I blog alone or should I team up with a friend and co – book blog?


Unfortunately, I don´t have a simple answer for that question. It completely depends on the book blogger. Either a person is the type to be a co – blogger or they aren´t.

Both are acceptable and both seem to work wonderfully. There are single book bloggers doing all kinds of wonderful work with their blogs and there are book blogs who have 2-4 book bloggers working together, publishing a great mixture of content.

Despite both, the 1 – man – show and dream – teams being wonderful, they each have their downsides. Let´s do a quick breakdown to show the differences between the two by listing the pros and cons for being a single book blogger and for co – book blogging.

Pros for Co – Book Blogging

  • Spend more time with your bestie / friend and books
  • Blog content uploads more frequently ( more reviews, more promo, etc )
  • Include multiple topics to a blog
  • Divide blog activities ( give each book blogger a specific job / role, e.g. 1 concentrates on social media, 1 focuses on managing the site )
  • Networking is easier
  • Save time in many areas


Cons for Co – Book Blogging

  • Sharing 1 site
  • Not being in full control
  • Wasting time waiting for feedback
  • Not being aware of all blog activities ( social media, chats, author convos, etc )
  • Spending too much time with your bestie / friend
  • Uploading too much blog content


Pros for Single Book Blogging

  • No site sharing
  • Knowing what´s uploaded at all times
  • Freedom to make decisions
  • Not spending too much time with your bestie


Cons for Single Book Blogging

  • Networking is slow
  • Working all platforms alone
  • Less blog content
  • Waste time procrastinating


To sum this up – It all comes down to what a book blogger prefers. To what works best for a book blogger. Some enjoy having the company of like – minded people ( let´s call them besties for everyone´s sake )  while working on a single site.

There are many positive sides to co – book blogging, especially when there´s a huge goal they want to reach. May that goal be as simple as getting exposure or something as huge as becoming the world´s best book blog… When 2 or more book bloggers put their heads together they can achieve a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

It´s a simple fact that when you regularly upload content and divide blog work then you get more done. More reviews can be uploaded. You get more out of everything. There´s hardly a chance to become overwhelmed ( keyword: hardly )

But there´s one thing co – blogging doesn´t allow and never will: Being able to have full control.

This is where co – blogging might not be the right choice for someone who is a control freak or for someone who loves their independence.

Yes. You have to get back with your co – bloggers when you have an idea that might work for the blog.

No matter what kind of book blog system you work. No matter how tolerant your co – blogger might be. It doesn´t even matter if you say you´re best friends. There´s no way around the bush when it comes to making decisions regarding ANYTHING about the blog. You have to talk about your ideas / plans with your co – blogger. You have to, both, be on board with everything discussed before anything is published. And if not then you have to compromise. While that might not be seen as something negative for some book bloggers… it can become taxing when 2 ( or more ) can´t come to an agreement after a while.

It´s what I would call `restricted creativity`.

Of course, there are book bloggers who co – blog and make it all work.

“We do whatever we want, when we want, how we want… Our only goal is to have fun.”

And that´s perfect. If it works well then everyone co – blogging that way has my full support.

Like I´ve mentioned before – Co – blogging works out beautifully for some people and you can see that love on their blogs.


As for the sorry single book bloggers….


There might not be many positive sides to book blogging alone but there is one tiny thing that outweighs everything else.

The freedom of creativity.

Single book bloggers don´t have to ask for permission or run their ideas by someone else when it comes to designs, blog posts, social media posts, etc.

Yes. Networking is slow. Actually, it´s slower than slow. No single person can work as much as co – bloggers. Not unless book blogging is a full-time job for them, that is.

Single book bloggers will most likely post 2 reviews a week instead of 4.

And when a single book blogger becomes overwhelmed with blog work  then they know it´s their own fault and no one else´s. They can´t blame the co – blogger because there isn´t one available ( something co – bloggers occasionally do is shove the blame back and forth ).

Of course, all the slow networking and uploads doesn´t mean a single book blogger can´t achieve a lot or reach their goals. They can and actually do it.

Co – blogging with a friend is not always easy, either. It´s all about being able to find a common ground to work on and compromise.

I´ll say it again ( because this can never be said enough )… It all depends on the person who blogs. Co – blogging is wonderful and works for hundreds of bloggers. And being a single book blogger isn´t for everyone, either. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Co – book blogging or not – both have nothing to do with having / not having team working skills. Book blogging is a hobby for the majority of us all. You either want to share your hobby or not.


As for myself – I´m an ex – co – book blogger who now blogs solo.

While I definitely loved the positive sides from co – blogging I couldn´t help but feel the burden of the negative sides. I loved sharing the blog and dividing the blog work but I absolutely hated it when I had to wait for approval and not having my own voice.

Because when you share a book blog ( or blog in general ) only one voice exists. And that voice is the blog´s voice. There can be 2, 3, 4 or even 5 people sharing a blog…. the strongest voice is the brand itself and not the individuals who run it.

That´s the main reason why I left my first blog after 6 years.

Right now, I can say that being a single book blogger works for me better than co – book blogging. I just love my freedom.


What did we learn today?

That no matter what type of book blogger you are, you´re still awesome. You´re a great addition to the book universe whatever you decide to do.


Thank you for reading this post. Any feedback on co -book blogging or going solo is much appreciated.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! ❤








13 thoughts on “Pros and Cons Of Co – Book Blogging

  1. Fabulous! I think we talked about this recently (maybe in comments) and your co-blogging history. And for myself, creative freedom and full control are enough. I am a control freak and cannot imagine sharing the content and creative process. Sounds selfish, I know. Maybe I am in that sense. But trusting others at the helm stresses me out, and I have some weird standards I hold things too. I am a tad obsessive. So I know the one-man show is the way to go for me. But I have seen some beautiful co-blogs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There´s nothing selfish about wanting to be creative and knowing you can achieve that by doing things your way. That´s just called being realistic. I can´t say co – blogging worked out beautifully for me because of the same reasons you pointed out. Right now, I really have no idea how I managed to stay with my ex blog for that long because I´m better blogging on my own than I am with others. Funnily enough, this also applies to real life. So, I totally get what you´re saying. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Not at all! If that´s the case then I´m selfish too. Which I don´t consider myself to be… So, you´re good to go. LOL. That might sound a tad arrogant but… Pfft. I´m over 30. I don´t have the patience, energy or time to feel anything else except pride for blogging solo AND enjoying other solo blogs, like yours ❤ ❤

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I do love to the camaraderie in co-blogs but I love the freedom I have on my blog. As you said, the freedom of creativity is one of the best aspects of being solo. I don’t think there’s anything that can compare to that, at least right now, for me. I feel like a little bird who just got control of her wings, with my blog. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post!
    Knowing myself, i’d be unable to have a co-blogger. I have my ideas of how my blog should be, what should be posted on it, and i’m quite set in those ways. I wouldn’t like to check every single thing with someone else, or wait for them to do their part.
    Right now, if something doesn’t get done, it’s my “fault” or decision, and i can handle that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m totally with you on that. It’s a little weird when you have an awesome idea and you have to check with someone else about it. That’s one thing I’m glad I don’t have to do anymore. And yes!!! You’re mess, you handle it. 🤜🤛 it’s really simple. Meeh. Solo blogging is more carefree. 💕💕

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  4. Co-blogging works really well for us. We don’t actually approve of each other’s posts before they’re posted, though. We see each other’s work at the same time as the readers. Co-blogging is especially helpful when one of us is busy some random day when there’s supposed to be a post up so then the other person can write it.

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    1. So, basically you both blog for yourselves and just share a site? That’s how co-blogging would work for me. And I agree. Co-blogging is really great and comes in handy when you’re busy. It’s great when you have someone you can rely on.

      Liked by 1 person

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