Instagram Feature: Morgana´s Book Box

So, it´s been a little over a year since I started my Instagram project- Morgana´s Book Box.

During my Insta – year I´ve learned many things about Instagram.

  1. The algorithm is the cause of all evil
  2. Bookstagramming ( Book + Instagram = Bookstagram, Book blogger on Instagram = Bookstagrammer ) is tough

A year ago I had a mission to grace the pic – world with my idea of book promotion.

And in that year I´ve seen alot, met many wonderful people and… well, I´ve basically seen pics. Wonderful pictures, crappy pictures… Pictures that made my nose wrinkle and pictures that had me rolling on the floor, laughing.

Instagram is a fun place to hang out.

My grande plan to make the book world a prettier place slowly died down around September ´17. The idea to present a new kind of book promotion became harder and harder with each week. I gained followers but it seemed like those numbers weren´t really that interested in my content. Or they were but the algorithm made it hard for them to see my features. Either way, it sucked.

Don´t get me wrong- I had ideas. I still have them. It´s just that book blogging doesn´t seem to function over on Instagram. Fun bookish stuff? Absolutely. But actual book blogging? Not so much.

I had a slight feeling that my book box idea was getting old.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn´t stick to one theme. It was time to expand my horizon.

Try out new ways to promote books. Because, that´s what I do, right? I book blog.

Besides, I´m pretty sure no one is interested in the bomb that went off in my kitchen or the unmade bed in my bedroom.

So, here are my new book features, sans book box.


  1. Inside a book. I like open book pictures. They look cool no matter what book you use. A huge plus point is the little snippet you give from a featured book.


2. Indoor Book Box. I´m an outdoor person. Nature provides so much to work with. Indoor pics are cool but not everyday. I feel limited when I´m doing indoor features.


3. Close Up. A super SUPER close up of a bookish item. When you don´t have a book at your disposal then you dig out your swag.


4. Flowers. Another indoor feature. Since it´s freezing cold outside and nothing is blooming I´m stuck with working with fake flowers. Not all too terrible. I quite like the flowers after using 6 filters.


5. Me. Yes. It´s happened. I crossed the book promotion line and posted a pic of myself. It´s book related. Anything book related goes, right?


Anyone following Morgana´s Book Box on Instagram will be seeing more than just book box pictures. It´s time for creativity to take over!



3 thoughts on “Instagram Feature: Morgana´s Book Box

  1. Omg.. I am so fail at bookstagram! I am so lazy that onstead of even attempting a theme, I just went black and white 😂 But it does combat the lack of natural light here. I do go to post twice a week, and fall no where in the algorithm 😢 But your account is stunning and honestly, one of my favorites! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU are not failing at bookstagram! I adore your pics BECAUSE they´re B/W and because they´re just cool as hell. 🙂 I even have your insta feed on my “to check out first” list before I spend hours scrolling other feeds. 🙂
      A lot of bookstagrammers work with too many colors and a million objects. Some of those pics are too busy for the eye. I seriously don´t know where to look first when I see those pics. *sigh* ( and too many colors in pics make me nervous. I´m very color orientated. If I see a bookstagrammer mix a warm orange tone with a cold green and turquoise in a pic then I close Instagram for a week. * wipe tears away from laughing so hard *. If anyone is failing then it´s me. But I´m fine with that.


  2. I get your blog name now! How clever… Love these pics too though!! I DO NOT have pretty bookstagram pictures but I don’t even post regularly… I have happened upon a style I think will work for me so I’m looking forward to working on that more… ❤ Thanks for sharing, what a fun post!


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