The Importance Of Fairy Tales

This blog post was inspired by another blog post written and published by the lovely Danielle, from Books, Vertigo & Tea. If you haven´t visited her blog already then I highly recommend you do so.


There´s not much more to say after someone else has already said everything there is to say about a certain topic ( read Fairy Tales And Why We Still Need Them As Adults ) so I will keep this blog post long and sweet ( Yes. Long.)….

Fairy tales –  For as long as I can remember I´ve loved the incredible classics from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson ( just to name the most famous). I remember my mother reading those classics to me, showing me her own favorites and us, then, discussing the stories. What I didn´t realize, as a child, was how large of an impact those short reading sessions would have on me as an adult.

Now, as a grown – up, and a mother of 2 bright witches, I find myself in the same position as my mother and I once were. Me, reading and my girls listening with wide eyes ( for 2 minutes. Then I´m not cool, again.)

I strive to teach my witches the good, the bad, and everything in between. My job is to not only love and form / mold them into sociable human beings… My job also requires to educate them, using all sorts of helpful resources.

The main resource ( besides the usual “Mommy Knowledge”) are books. There are tons of useful, highly educational books, specifically aimed towards audiences age 3-7. Then there are books aimed towards the next age group. I should know because I feel like I own every children´s book that´s ever been published * hangs head *.

Age category hopping continues until children hit a certain age and find their own taste in books ( should they still enjoy reading as young adults / grown ups).

But fairy tales? For some reason, fairy tales don´t have an age restriction / age recommendation. They never go out of style. They never disappear. They´re never forgotten. Fairy tales are passed down from generation to generation and will most likely stick with a person for ages.

I never realized how much of an impact fairy tales would have on me as a grown up. Sometimes, when I read a story, my mind automatically revisits some of those old fairy tales. Sometimes I spot them in modern YA / NA romances. And, sometimes, I go through a life event that reminds me of one of those powerful tales.

Would you like to know what else I didn´t realize? That my children actually listen to me when I read. Usually, they listen for 2 solid minutes before they start shifting and interrupting me with questions about dinner. How much of an impact fairy tales have had on my kids? Since they don´t tell me flat-out, I didn´t have the slightest clue. Not until I saw it with my own eyes.

It wasn´t until I went shopping with my oldest daughter, Eve ( 10 yrs.) a few weeks ago, when I saw the magic of stories.  Mind you, Eve is a dreamer. Her mind is always somewhere far off and I´ve often wondered how she manages to walk home from School without ending up in the next village by accident.

We were shopping. Everything was great until we were about to cross a bridge. Eve and I spotted an older looking man with a young girl who looked to be the older man´s child. It was painfully evident that they were homeless.

My daughter, the child with her head in the clouds, stopped and stared. Her normal reaction would have been to ask me if I could give them money, which I did, but before that happened she just watched them. Both, father and child, huddled together against the underside of the bridge, the girl blowing warm air in her cupped hands.  And I watched my daughter. I literally saw the wheels in her head turn and would have paid good money for a small look into her mind.

That wasn´t necessary.

Eve said, “Mom? Do you remember `The Little Match Girl`? That girl looks like her.”

Like I said, I thought Eve would ask for money to help but she surprised me first by making the connection to Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen´s devastating fairy tale `The Little Match Girl`.

the match girl


A bittersweet mommy moment, for me.

Of course, I was over the moon because my daughter actually listened, but at the same time, I was saddened by the fact that she made the connection after seeing life´s ugly side.

The end of that story? We walked over and gave them money ( because my daughter´s mission in life is to help the one´s in need. A trait I´m grateful she has. A trait I hope she´ll keep.).

My point is- Fairy tales are important because they send out powerful messages. They feed young and older minds with ideas and thoughts that will most likely shift minds ( for the better, I hope).

As a child, my taste was far different from what it is today. When I was younger I would have killed to listen to my mom read the `Town Musicians Of Bremen` or `The Frog Prince`. These days I prefer `The Juniper Tree` and `The Master – Thief`.

juniper tree

A tad morbid, but I don´t mind. They have strong messages and in my book that counts for a lot.


A good story always has something you can take and walk away with. No matter what kind of an impact a fairy tale has or had on you… if you can remember it, then it has done it´s job well.

Is there a fairy tale that has made an impact on you? I´d love to find out! Let´s discuss the gruesome stories that have changed out insights ( or not ).

Thank you, Danielle, for the inspiration post. ❤





3 thoughts on “The Importance Of Fairy Tales

  1. I think all fairy tales have a way of leaving a magical impression on our hearts. I know that growing up I always saw Maleficent as evil and cruel…then the movie Maleficent came out and my perspective changed as I saw the pain that she experienced and the change that it wrought in her. I had empathy for her and understanding.

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    1. Yes! You´re right. Fairy tales do leave a magical impression on us. And I absolutely get what you´re saying about Maleficent. I had a similar experience after watching the movie and felt her pain and understood her motives. Thank you for your comment. It´s fully appreciated ❤ ❤


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