Instagram Project 2017

It´s happening. I´ve finally collected enough courage and energy to make a small dream of mine come true.

I´ve been watching book blogs on Instagram post book pics after book pics for some time now, all doing mostly the same thing: Uploading pictures from feet and books, coffee and books, etc. etc.  I´m not going to lie, I tried that as well but I´m not very comfortable taking pictures of my hideous feet ( with or without socks…. there´s really no beauty to be found down the feet area )… AND I kinda suck at doing the coffee mug & book shot.

So, what´s left for a woman to do? I don´t have many options, right? How am I going to be apart of the Instagram Book World without having to include my stumpy legs or my old looking hands in a pic? It´s not easy, let me tell you that, but it´s not a mission impossible, either.

I felt hopeless until I found an old wooden box in my garage. Within seconds, my Instagram idea was born! CRASH! BOOM! BANG!

Starting now, I´m the proud founder of The Book Box.

What is The Book Box and why does the world need it?

The Book Box is just a simple project where I promote paperback copies that are placed lovingly in an open, old, beaten down wooden box, which is placed somewhere outdoors or in a cool indoor location. Brilliant, right?
Does the world need what I´m offering? Of course, NOT. *  cracking up  * But I think it´s a nice idea and also pretty to look at. *  smiles  *

Wanna see?


Ain´t that purdy? 🙂

If you´re interested in seeing more then just click on Morgana´s Book Box and see what else I have in store. Or- if you´re on Instagram yourself then feel free to leave a like or follow me directly ( but only if you´re really REALLY want to see more, no pressure.) Be sure to let me know ( via PM, email or comment that you saw my post on WordPress so I can thank you properly!

I want to make a statement and show the world that it´s not necessary to pull out the good Sunday bedspreads and sheets for the perfect pic and that no feet are needed to promote a book.

Thank you for showing ANY interest in this article. Now I´ll go back into my cave and hide.

Warm regards,

the book nerd, Morgana xx

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