Bookstore Heaven

” Let´s go to a bookstore.”, she said.

” It´ll be fun.”, she said.

When I talk about “she” then I´m referring to my best friend and book buddy in crime.
Everyone has that one special friend who comes up with different ways to brighten up one´s day. Mine is named Mirjam and she lives down the road.

Today was the day Mirjam and I decided to have a coffee ( in my case, a hot chocolate because I can´t stand coffee ) in our local bookstore ( the only bookstore with actual books inside).

Our brilliant idea was to take some time to relax while being surrounded by the things that bring us immense joy- books.

A small but cozy shop with nooks and corners everywhere…rows and rows with books lovingly stacked for display by the ever so polite staff. I felt at home. I felt even more at home when I held my hot chocolate in my hands and saw books from the corners of my eyes.


(Mirjam )

Just like magic- time flew by. We spent 3 hours discussing books, admiring covers,…practically combing the whole store!

And what did we get out of the experience? Pure satisfaction. Seriously- if you´re an avid reader you definitely have to make time and relax in a bookstore. I´m not talking about walking in a Starbucks and reading there or going to a Barnes & Noble. THAT is not an experience.  I´m referring to the small, local places hardly anyone knows about. Bookstores that have character. You won´t find the intimacy, the flair or anything unique in a chain store. A local bookshop might not have the same book selection as or B&N has but that´s okay. We didn´t need to see everything the world has to offer.

Besides- it´s also good to support the smaller businesses. They bring originality. They´re authentic. They care more than anyone at some large retailer ever will.


( Mirjam )

This isn´t the last time we´ll be going in for a quick, 3 hour, coffee / hot chocolate!




One thought on “Bookstore Heaven

  1. That’s how I feel when I go to the local bookshop. There is something magical about a local bookseller, it’s an essence the corporations will never have =)


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