My Husband Loves His Bookloving Wife ( Me)

As a booklover I´m always trying to find things.

  • the right position to read ( and that can take a while )
  • the right blanket
  • bookmarks
  • the right food to munch on ( blind eating while reading is FAB!)
  • peace and quiet ( Yeah, that never happens )
  • the right light ( !!! )

Finding the right lighting can be a * cough cough * pain in the ass. I don´t want to read with flood lights, nor do I want to read with dimmed lights ( That´s a real eye-ruiner)

For the last 3 days I´ve been chained to the sofa, suffering from the aftermath of Chinese food. Sad, isn´t it? I love chinese food yet apparently, I can´t stomach it anymore ( or that new place I had dinner at wanted to give me food poisoning ). Despite my suffering I´ve found something positive about not being able to fully function. I CAN READ all day and night! Awesome, right? ( Talk about catching up on the mile long TBR list ) Yeah well, it was awesome until it was dark. That´s when the flood light / dim light / finding the right position came in. Tonight I complained for the first time about not being able to read a book with proper light.

That´s when my husband stood up and ran out of the livingroom. Mind you- my husband hardly moves that fast, especially when he´s already gotten comfy in front of the TV. When he came back he held out a device infront of me with a smile on his face.

It took me a while to realize what he was holding. Then it hit me and I loved him so much I was willing to marry him all over again. A HEADLIGHT!!! He gave me his headlight from work!! Omg…. Like…Oh. My. God! I´m in love!

This beats any table lamp!

stupidme See? How f*****g awesome is this?! stupidme2

I can see what I read! This proves that love still exists even after being married for 15 years!


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