Once Upon Now ( Anthology)- Wattpad

Book Description

 An exclusive collection of new modern tales with a fantastical twist, from some of the most beloved writers on Wattpad.

Discover this anthology of everyday stories influenced by fairytales and mythology—from ten Wattpad authors, all voted by the site’s users, featuring your favorite celebrities, all with a touch of fantasy and whimsy. If you enjoyed the collectionImagines, you’ll love Once Upon Now!

My Thoughts

Move over, Imagines! `Once Upon Now` is taking over and ready to conquer the book world!

I´ve got three words for this anthology- I LOVE IT!

`Once Upon Now` is every fairytale-lovers dream come true. Each story has been written by Wattpad´s créme de la créme and boy did they pull some small masterpiece together! We´re talking about modern tales inspired by classic fairytales we all grew up with. Rapunzel, Pinnochio, Sleeping Beauty and even the Princess and the Pea have been properly pimped and twisted and woven into original ideas and I can´t begin to tell you how utterly cool the outcome is.

One book + 10 Wattpad writers = one bundle of hellish great stories!

If you´re looking for something new, something that´s 100% entertaining and full of hope, punishment, love ( !!!! Love is always IMPORTANT) and glamour then you better check this book out.

Danielle Banas, Mikaela Bender, J. M. Butler, Debra Goelz, Shannon Klare, R. S. Kovach, Ali Novak, Tammy Oja, Christine Owen and Jesse Sprague- all these ladies kick some serious ass!

I´m giving `Once Upon Now` 5 out of 5 magical stars

Get your copy now! All you need to do is click here and begin to read! 


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